BestFlex Powered Parts

Collection of parts for the popular powered flexible conveyors made by FMH. The BestFlex BFP.

Wearable parts for BFP powered flexible conveyors to keep on hand include drive cards, motors, motor brushes, spools, photo eyes and drive bands/o-rings. 

If you don’t see a part number you need in the list below, please email or use the chat bubble to talk to us now.

Good-Bye BestFlex Motor 7003

The motor that was used on BestFlex models, for what seems like a lifetime, has been discontinued and replaced with a new improved motor. Starting in May of 2020, conveyors were being manufactured with the 70253 motor and 19006 drive spool.

7003 Motor Replacement Kit

Replacing the 7003 motor requires changing the drive spool. We have discounted and bundled the new motor and drive spool together in an easy to purchase kit.