Hytrol ACC V-Belt Guide

Drive Belts for Hytrol 138/190-ACC

Use the chart below to guide you when selecting which v-belt to purchase and where to install each one. V-belts are considered a critical part, will cause downtime if it breaks, and should be kept on site in the various lengths required for your facility.

Follow these two simple steps:

  1. Measure the bed section by measuring the distance between the bed splices.
  2. Look to see if the belt extends into the next bed section? Yes, Long. No, Short.

V-Belts for 138-ACC & 190-ACC

Bed Section


Short Belt

Stays in it's bed section

Long Belt

Extends into another bed section


Part No.


Part No.

4' 104" 066.147 116" 066.141
5' 128" 066.146 140" 066.140
6' 152" 066.145 164" 066.139
7'-6" 188" 066.144 200" 066.138
8' 200" 066.138 212" 066.137
10' 248" 066.142 260" 066.136

Bed Section Length

A bed section start and end can be noticed by looking for areas where two frame sections are bolted together. This spot where the bed sections met is called the bed splice. Most conveyors are too long to be shipped as one complete unit so the frame is shipped in bed section lengths up to ten feet long.

Long belt or Short belt?

Long belt means the v-belt extends from it's bed section and transfers the motion to a double grooved sheave in the bed section next to it. 
A short v-belt doesn't extend into the next bed section. Short belts are most commonly used on conveyors under 10' and the first or last bed section of a conveyor over ten feet long. 
At the bed splice, where the two bed section meet, look through the rollers to see if the belt does or does not enter the next bed section. If it does, you should order the long version for that conveyor bed length using the chart above.
Example: A ten foot long bed section with a belt that extends into the next bed section would be a 066.136.


Need more help? Contact us or view the installation and maintenance manuals for 138ACC or 190ACC

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